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Best Removal Services in Kent and London

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9,892 people have moved with Vans and Hands London

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Reliable Movers in Kent and London Location 

Vans and Hands provides the most effective solutions for all your moving services in Kent and London locations. We will ensure that the relocation is done as per the requirements, whether you require a man and van service for your small move or office moving services in Kent or London locations. 


With many years of experience, we are able to exceed all the expectations of our customers. We follow all the safety measures to provide you with a smooth and comfortable move. 


With years of experience, we have understood that each move has different requirements. You may want to move a small piece of furniture or an entire business. Whatever your requirements are, we are committed to providing safe, quick, smooth, reliable, and cost-effective moving services to all our customers in Kent and London.

Why Choose Vans and Hands for Removal Services?

Vans and Hands offers a full range of removal services in London and Kent locations. Whatever your requirements are, Vans and Hands are there to offer a quick and reliable service. We can provide you with the best solution whether you are moving to London or Kent or within these locations. Our man and van service is perfect and affordable for your small move.

What Makes Our Moving Services Reliable and Effective:

  • 24-Hour Customer Care Services 

  • Customised, Quick, Smooth, and Effective Services

  • Wide Range of Vans as Per Requirements 

  • Experienced and Trained Manpower

  • Effective Packing Services

  • Convenient Appointment Times

  • Efficient in Handling Fragile Goods 

  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly if Required

  • Hassle-Free Loading & Unloading at Best price

  • Skilful Transportation of Your Large and Heavy Items

  • 9,892 People Have Moved Successfully

Complete Moving Solution in Kent and London

Vans and Hands provides a complete range of moving solutions for all your moving needs. Whether you want man and van service, a small move with a limited number of items or home or office moving services in Kent or London. We have provided satisfactory relocation to thousands of customers with our quick and effective services.


We are one of the most reliable and recommended moving services providers in Kent and London locations. We have already provided cost-effective solutions to many small moves. We can make sure that you are stress-free during your entire move with our small moving services, man and van, home moving services and office moving services in Kent and London locations.


We can serve you even in your absence. You can get an effective move even if you are out of the country or out for some work.

Let Us Take Care of Your Moving Needs in Kent and London

Whether you are moving to or within Kent and London locations, you can rely on our expert and professional movers for a stress-free experience. We have always improved our services with every relocation service. 


We provide a quick and free estimate, trained and experienced manpower, customised solutions, and affordable pricing for all types of services. Our team is an expert in handling delicate and heavy materials, so you can assure a safe move of all your precious belongings. 


Our team will coordinate with you throughout your move to take care of all your requirements. Call us or fill out the online form if you are looking for moving services in Kent or London.

Our Moving Services 

Home office

Vans and Hands provides quick and cost-effective office moving services in Kent and London. We provide a full range of office removal services, so you can take care of other important tasks during the relocation. 


We know that each business is different, and we provide customised and affordable solutions for all your needs in Kent or London. We can move an individual office, corporate office, co-working space, business headquarters or any type of office moving needs.


Vans and Hands are experts in handling IT equipment, documents, furniture, and delicate and precious materials. We have a trained team, advanced technology and a range of vans to handle all your office relocation requirements.


We understand that time is important for every business. We always plan the move effectively and provide you with a flexible time for the move, so you have minimal downtime. 


We will provide you with the best office moving services that will cause you minimal disturbance and provide you with cost-effective and fast-moving services. Contact us or fill out the online form if you are looking for reliable office moving services in London and Kent.

Office Moving Services in Kent and London


Vans and Hands provides a full range of home moving services for Kent and London locations. We provide effective solutions whether you are relocating to the next street or a different area. 


We make effective planning through surveys and communication with the customer, so you always get a smooth and stress-free moving experience. We have happily moved more than 10,000 customers. 


We can effectively provide you with complete moving services in Kent and London. Whether you require our packaging services or disassemble and assemble your furniture, we can do all the job for you.


Every home move is different, and a different solution is required for every challenge. We have moved many houses in Kent and London and know how to tackle each challenge with customised solutions.

We take care of all your precious belongings and move them with care and precautions. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a home mover in Kent or London.

House Moving Services in Kent and London 


Vans and Hands' small moving service is ideal for people looking to move a few items or even a single piece of material within or to Kent or London locations. We provide effective and affordable small moving services.


We provide an exact quote for your small relocation requirements. No extra charges are taken if you provide exact information for the move. So we request you to provide us with the exact information for your move.


We provide professional and insured moving services in Kent and London locations. We will make your small move easy and cost-effective, whether you require a move to the next flat or a different area.


We are committed to providing quick, smooth, affordable, reliable and effective small-moving services. We are a fully licensed and insured company. 


Make your small moving effective with our experienced, expert, trained, and professional movers. Call us now if you are looking for a small move in London or Kent.

Small Moving Services in Kent and London


We provide reliable man and van services in Kent and London for a stress-free move. Small moves are suitable for small or partial moves that require moving a few belongings. 

You can move a few items for both commercial and house moves with our house moving services. We provide flexible and fast services for all your moving needs.


We have years of experience providing a man with a van service in Kent and London. We have built a great reputation with our high standard and top quality services.


Our team is trained and experienced to provide customised and prompt solutions for all your moving requirements. Our man with a van in Kent and London will provide a flexible solution that will meet all your expectations.


All your moving needs are important to us, and we make full efforts to exceed customer expectations. Request a free quote or consult us if you are looking for man and van services in Kent and London.

Man and Van in Kent and London

A Little More About Vans and Hands

Our company was founded by a team of experienced movers with a commitment to providing the most reliable and effective moving services in Kent and London. We know the importance of a fast and reliable moving company in today's quick moving time. 


We have always improved our moving services with the latest technology, modern equipment, and training our manpower. With our customised and cost-effective solution approach, we always provide a perfect solution to each move.


We understand that moving is always stressful, whether you are moving a single piece of furniture or an entire office. With our years of experience, we always make the move smooth and stress-free. 


You can rely on us for all types of moving services. Contact us today and let us handle all your requirements.



24 Hour Service

We offer a unique service with a 24 hour customer care team who are dedicated to supporting you round the clock.

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Choose from early morning, late evening and weekend appointments.

Convenient Appointment Times

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We don’t see them, we will never see them. To be successful you’ve got to work hard, to make history, simple, you’ve got to make it.

Packing Services & Materials

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Special packaging for fragile goods.

Fragile Goods

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Our Luton vans provides superb flexibility for bulky items such as furniture and crates as it comes with an electrical tail lift on the back to take the stress out of the loading and unloading process.

Payload: 1200-1600 kg

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We are more than happy to provide services all across the world.

National Services



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