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  • Is It Safer If I Pack All Belongings Prior To The Removal Date?
    It might be safe but we don’t recommend it for various reasons. You only get moving insurance for the transported items if they are packed by the house movers we send.
  • Should I Be Present During The Removals Job?
    Usually, we don’t mind to have the customer nearby, it even gives us the possibility to ask them how they want the job to be completed. However, under the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we prefer the client to stay away from the moving team during the job completion.
  • What Do I Do To Minimise The Risk Of Potentially Contracting Or Spreading The Virus?
    By practicing the following: Stay at least 2m away from anyone during the relocation, wear protective clothing and masks, sanitise all items that are to be packed prior to the moving service. (Not a must but will help against the risk of potentially contracting or spreading the virus if anyone at your home has the virus without any symptoms).
  • Can We Make Multiple Trips During The Booked Time?
    Yes, but if the extra trips are not agreed within the original quote the extra trips would incur an extra charge for mileage and labour costs.
  • Can Passengers Travel In The Van?
    Yes, passengers are welcome to travel with the driver but a face mask will be required.
  • Do I Need To Be There On The Day?
    No, providing the driver has access to the items you do not need to be present.
  • Are You Fully Insured?
    Yes, Vans and Hands are fully insured to transport your items with goods in transit insurance up to the value of £10.000 and public liability insurance up to the value of £5.000.000
  • Do You Carry Straps And Blankets In Your Van?
    Yes we are fully equipped to undertake any Man and Van related task.
  • Can We Rely On You To Be On Time?
    If, your booking is time sensitive please add this information into the brief description box during the quote process so we can make the extra allowances needed to ensure a prompt arrival for you, in the event of any delay Vans and Hands will always contact you in advance and keep you updated with regular ETA's.
  • Does My Quote Include The Cost To Enter The Congestion & ULEZ Zones?
    Yes, your quote will include any costs to enter the Congestion and ULEZ zones.
  • What Happens If I Need To Change My Booking?
    In the event you need to amend your booking please contact Vans and Hands using the contact details located inside your text/email confirmations.
  • What Happens After I Have Booked?
    Once your booking is confirmed you will receive a text and email confirmation confirming your bookings details.
  • Do I need To Do Anything After Booking?
    No, once your booking is confirmed we will arrive at the collection address at the date/time specified on your text and email confirmations.
  • Do You Charge Per Floor Or Per Flight Of Stairs?
    Vans and Hands charge per flight of stairs, If you live on the first floor and there are two staircases to reach the property that would count as two flights of stairs.
  • What Happens If We Need More Time On The Day?
    If you need more time on the day this is not a problem as Vans and Hands provide a Pay as You Go Service so will stay until the job is finished.
  • Can We Book A Return Journey?
    Yes, if you need a return journey you can book this in advance by contacting us directly or by discussing directly with your driver on the day, best to book in advance when possible.
  • Will I Get A Receipt After Payment?
    Yes, if you require a receipt please request this from your driver at the end of your booking or by responding to your email confirmation.
  • What Happens If I Need To Cancel My Booking?
    In the event you need to cancel or postpone your booking please contact Vans and Hands urgently via the contact details either on the website or inside your text/email confirmations.
  • What Happens If My Driver Gets Sick?
    In the unfortunate event that your driver falls sick, Vans and Hands will reallocate your booking to another member of our team so we can honour your booking.
  • What Happens If My Items Are Damaged?
    In the unfortunate event of damage to an item please respond to your original confirmation by emailing clear images of the damage.
  • Do I Pay For Parking?
    Yes, if your driver has to pay and display to park at a property the cost of parking will be requested from the customer, please check for any parking restrictions ahead of the bookings start time.
  • How Soon Should I Report Damages?
    When items are damaged all claims must be made within 24 hours of the bookings completion time.
  • Can We Make Extra Stops During The Journey?
    Yes, but if the driver is asked to stop and collect more items and this was not agreed during the initial quote process the driver will request an additional fee for labour.
  • When Does The Job Clock Start / End?
    The job clock starts when the driver has parked and made contact with the person at the collection address and ends when the final item is inside the delivery address.
  • Do You Have Availability
    Yes, you will only see quotes on the webite for the times we have availabilty.
  • Can I Call Vans and Hands Directly?
    Yes, You can call us by calling the number on the webite.
  • How Should We Prepare For Move Day?
    The best way to prepare is by having everything packed and ready to go for when your driver arrives, also label the boxes with room names so it helps the drivers speed when unloading the van.
  • Can You Dismantle & Re-Assemble items?
    Yes, Vans and Hands has the tools required for dismantling and re-assembly.
  • Will I Need To Pay For Any Extras On The Day?
    The only extra charge would be for extra time on the day, the extra time charges will be displayed clearly to all customers prior to confirming a booking.
  • Can You Provide Packing Materials On The Day?
    Yes, if you require packing boxes please add this information into the breif description box during the quote process on the website.
  • Does Vans and Hands Pack The Items Into The Boxes As-Well?
    Yes, we can provide a packing service, if required please add this into the brief description box on during the quote process on the website.
  • Do My Quotes Include VAT
    Yes, all quotes will include VAT and all other costs to do the job.
  • Can I Buy And Sell My Home During The COVID-19 National Lockdown?
    Trading of properties is not forbidden during the pandemic but the police are watching for violations of the orders during the pandemic. If you want to sell a property, it’s temporarily not allowed to allow potential buyers inside your home in order to protect yourselves from the virus.
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