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Reliable Home Removals Services in Kent

  • 24-Hour Customer Care Services 

  • Experienced and Trained Manpower

  • Convenient Appointment Times

  • Efficient in Handling Fragile Goods 

  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly if Required

  • Hassle-Free Loading & Unloading at Best price

  • Skilful Transportation of Your Large and Heavy Items

  • 9,892 People Have Moved Successfully

Packed Moving Boxes

Smooth Home Removal Services in Kent 

If you want to book home removal services in Kent from us, you can simply fill out the online form or call us. We will ask some basic questions about your current and the property where the materials need to be moved.


We will collect information like the total number of rooms and the floor location. If we need additional information to understand the move we will visit your home before giving the final quotation. 

We provide 24-hour customer care and are flexible with our services. You can schedule your home move as per your requirements. We can also move your materials as per the need in your absence. You have to take no worries even if you are out of town or away due to any other reasons during the move. 

We are always happy to take care of all your belongings and always ensure that everything is done as per your requirements. We will properly tag everything, so everything is transferred to the new place properly.

Home Moving Solutions in Kent for Utmost Customer Satisfaction

Welcome to Vans and Hands Home Removal in Kent! We provide the most reliable and safe services in Kent. We have years of experience in moving services and make all the efforts to excel our customers' expectations.

We always strive to make a smooth and amazing moving experience with our solution-orientated team. 

We have moved many homes in every part of Kent and are confident to overcome all the challenges that are faced during the move.

We know that each move has a different requirement, and we have a trained and experienced team which is effective in packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and transporting all your valuable belongings safely and on time.


We are always commented to providing prompt, safe, smooth and cost-effective services to all our customers.

Moving House

Why Choose Our Home Removal Services in Kent?

  The following are the top reasons to select our home removal services in Kent. 

  • Trained and experienced manpower.

  • All our staff are experienced, and we have successfully moved many houses in Kent.

  • We provide flexible services, so you can schedule your move on weekends or as per your convenience.

  • Our team is trained to handle fragile and bulky goods, so all your material is transferred carefully.

  • We provide a full range of services, so you can remain stress-free during the move.

  • We provide customised solutions for each move to ensure a cost-effective and safe move.

  • We also provide packing solutions and use high-quality packing materials to safely relocate your precious belongings.

  • All your materials are insured, so you can get value in case of any damage. 

Mover Packing

Most Reliable Home Removal Company in Kent 


Vans and Hands is committed to providing cost-effective and safe services to all customers. We make sure that all the moving is done as per the requirements and that they receive the best possible service.

You will receive an exact final quote and there will be no hidden cost in it when you provide accurate information regarding the requirements of the transportation.

You can use as many boxes as you want for the relocation. You just need to check the permissible limit for moving the van.

For more information, you can check our van size guide. You can also use our man and van service for a small move in Kent.

You can also use our packing services. We can disassemble, assemble, and transfer your furniture safely to the new place. Our experts have years of experience in moving all kinds of materials in Kent. We make the best possible effort to make the move as convenient as possible.


We make a customised moving plan as per the requirements of the individuals. We are committed to getting the job done timely and providing a stress-free moving experience to each customer. We also provide effective office moving service in Kent, contact us for any requirement for office moving service in Kent.

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