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Complete Home Removals Services in London

  • 24-Hour Services 

  • Convenient Appointment Times

  • Efficient in Handling Fragile Goods 

  • Furniture Assembly and Disassembly if Required

  • Hassle-Free Loading & Unloading at the Best price

  • Skilful Transportation of Your Large and Heavy Items

  • 9,892 People Have Moved Successfully

Packed Moving Boxes

London Home Removals With Vans and Hands

Vans and Hands are committed to providing customised moving plans that are best suited for its customers. We understand that each home move has different challenges.

Our experienced moving professionals are committed to overcoming each of your challenges with detailed observation and effective solutions to provide you with a personalised and tension-free move. We provide effective moving solutions that best suit your budget and other moving needs.

We provide quality customer services and offer transparent and affordable prices. We give full home removal services in London which are covered under insurance. Our expert home movers have moved many homes in London effectively and timely, so you can rely on us for prompt and best services. 

Your delicate, heavy, and precious materials are safe with us. Our team is trained and experienced in handling all kinds and sizes of materials. We always ensure that all your belongings are safe and secure during transit. We also provide professional packing services with all kinds of packing materials for a safe move.

We are dedicated to providing superior quality services which are customised and best suited to the individual's needs. While providing the best services, we also provide our services at very affordable prices. 

We Make Your Home Moving Experience Exceptional

Home moving can be time-consuming and stressful. With the busy lifestyle, it is important to hire a reliable and experienced moving company that can make your experience quick, stress-free, and cost-effective. 


Vans and Hands have a team of experienced and expert professionals that can do all the processes of moving including packing, lifting, loading, unloading and unpacking for you and make your moving easy and prompt.

Moving a Couch

Why Choose a Moving Company for Home Relocation in London?

Moving your home can look as simple as just packing and transporting your materials, but a successful home removal needs a lot of planning and expertise. If you are planning to move your house in London, you should consider the reasons and benefits of hiring a professional moving company which can make a complete difference in home relocation from pre-planning, packing, and unpacking. Man with a van in Kent or London can be cost effective for your small house moving needs.


Professional home movers are experts in handling, packing and transporting all kinds of materials, which leads to them completing the process much faster than you. Additionally, home moving requires a lot of mental and physical effort and a lot of planning. Moving companies have a lot of experience in handling such tasks, and they have strategies that can make your move much more comfortable.


Hiring a professional moving company can be more cost-effective as you will require to rent tools, equipment and trucks for moving. Lifting, loading and handling materials can be risky, but professional moving companies have the experience and skills to safely handle all the materials.


Hiring a well-known moving company can guarantee you high-quality moving services. The professional team is committed to effective, timely and stress-free small removal or complete removal services. And they offer the option to protect you in case of damage or loss to your materials.


Arrange Your House Removal in London With Us

  • You can call us or fill out the online form to request house moving services.

  • We will need some information regarding the type of property (both present and final), the total rooms and the floor on which it is located. If required, we will visit your location before giving an accurate quotation.  

  • We can schedule the move at your convenience. We are flexible and can work as per your needs.

  • We can move your house even in your absence as you can be overseas or away during the moving process.

  • We will be more than glad to take care of everything. We will label/tag everything to ensure that everything is placed properly.

Move Home Efficiently in London with Vans and Hands

When one is planning for moving home, one of the biggest challenges faced is transporting all your furniture to the new house. Also with many other complicated situations and time-consuming processes, moving can become very stressful. 


You can choose Vans and Hands' reliable and professional services to take off the pressure and get the job done effectively and promptly. We will take care of all your delicate and heavy materials and ensure that they are relocated safely. We always take the utmost care of all the customer's goods and always ensure that they are packed, loaded, and moved safely.


We are experts in planning everything for house removals in London and our mission is to make your moving experience simple, quick and tension free.


We take a survey of your property and discuss all the requirements with you, so we can provide customised and best services as per your requirements. 


Before we move you can make a final inspection to make sure that the move has gone as per your expectations and planning. If needed we can remove all the packaging materials and reorganise bulky materials.

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