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Top Questions to Ask Removal Company

Question to ask a removal company

Here is the list of questions to ask a removal company if you are planning a move soon and need to select a moving company to help you.

Moving to a new home can be both exhilarating and stressful, as we all know. Organising the logistics is likely one of the most difficult aspects of moving.

How are you going to move everything you own out of your home and into a new one, you wonder. Even though it almost appears impossible, it is completed.

Many individuals seek the assistance of professional house removal companies in London to help them relocate in order to reduce some of the stress associated with it.

You may hire office movers in Kent to help you in moving all of your boxes and furniture from your old home to your new one. To make the process as simple as possible, they arrive with strong muscles and large vans.

If you're planning a move soon, you've certainly looked into moving companies. But where do you begin? The removal quotes are all pretty comparable and they all make the same claim.

We've compiled some questions to ask removal companies to help you limit your options before selecting a house removal company. Doing so will make your move as stress-free and easy as possible.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

Of course, just because a company is new doesn't automatically make it bad. Yet, if you're looking for someone skilled and experienced, you should consider their experience. The longer a moving firm has been around, the more likely it is that they deliver good quality service at reasonable costs.

Companies that have been in business for a while have often outlasted or been able to compete with other removal companies, indicating that there is something compelling about them. And what better way to learn about a company's character than to read what its clients have to say?

What are the Estimates?

This is one of the most important questions to ask the removal company that you shouldn't be reluctant to inquire about payment in advance. First and foremost, you should inquire as to the precise cost of the relocation and the benefits you will receive.

Some individuals are hesitant to inquire as to what specifically they are paying for, but they shouldn't! You should be aware of the services you are receiving before paying for them.

The second crucial factor is the payment schedule. Some moving companies want a deposit and the balance upon completion, while others do not demand payment until the service is finished. In order for you to be on the same page, you need to figure out when they expect to receive money.

What Type of Vehicle Do They Offer?

Depending on the job, the majority of removal companies use their small fleet of vans. You should be able to determine what sort of vehicle will be required after you have an estimate of how many goods you need to transport. You may always contact the small removal company in London for advice if you're unsure, though. After all, they specialise in doing that.

What sizes of Removal Vans do You Provide?

It's crucial to know that your moving company can move a number of things if you want your move to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. However, there are additional crucial factors regarding removal van sizes to consider:

  • Do any of your furniture that needs to fit inside the car are particularly long, wide, or bulky?

  • The size of the streets the vehicle must travel through is restricted.

  • Will your moving company have a truck that can accommodate them?

You'll likely have some alternatives because the majority of moving companies only have a small fleet of cars. But when you inquire about vehicle kinds, it's essential to be clear about your requirements for each particular item, the total volume, and any small streets.

What Goods They Won't Be Taking?

The first question to ask the removal company is if they would accept all of the goods you wish to move. It's common for removal companies to refuse or be unable to move some items because they don't meet health and safety laws or because they are considered dangerous goods.

Items that frequently cause problems include corrosives, acids, and anything combustible. So even seemingly harmless items might violate these limitations. Always double-check any lists on the website of your man with a van in Kent before scheduling a service.

Do you Include Removals Insurance?

Be sure you're covered in case something unplanned happens while moving your goods.

These days, having insurance for your move should be common. Nevertheless, not every company provides the same type of insurance. Certain goods are not covered by all insurance coverage. Some moving companies charge an additional fee for any protection or certain forms of insurance.

It's better to start by simplifying everything to black and white. If you want to ensure the safety of your goods, be straightforward and honest about what you wish to transfer.

Do They Bring Packing Materials on a Moving Day?

Will you need packing materials for moving day? Some companies might provide additional cardboard boxes, packaging tape, and other supplies. But it’s not common practice for all removal companies and their services do not involve packing services at all.

Ask your removal company in London in advance what services they provide in terms of packing supplies and assistance if you believe this would be a problem for you or if you want to avoid the hassle of finding packing materials and completing the boxing entirely.

What Does Your Quote Include?

Don't let the cost of your move come as a surprise! Make sure you know what your removal company will include in your service and what will cost extra by asking this question to the removal company in advance. You could inquire with them regarding:

  • "Heavy item" fees or costs associated with particular products (e.g. grand pianos)

  • Furniture assembly or disassembly services

  • Packaging supplies

  • Parking, permits, and fuel expenses

What further services do you provide? Most removal companies today are aware that they can do more for their clients. This indicates that they provide other services like:

Professional packing

Packing everything you own can be a stressful part of a move. By hiring a professional packer, you may avoid this and reduce the likelihood that anything will be damaged while the move.

Packaging materials

Finding appropriate cardboard boxes and other packing supplies is one of the most challenging parts of relocating. Why not ask your moving company if they can provide this time?


You might request storage from your moving company as an additional useful service. Downsizing is not an issue. Have goods organised for easy storage and removed concurrently with your relocation.

In London and Kent, Vans and Hands offers an extensive variety of moving services. Whatever you need, Vans and Hands is ready to provide fast and dependable service. Whether you are relocating within these regions or to London or Kent, we can provide you with the finest option. For a small relocation, our man and van service is ideal and fairly priced.

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