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Small Moves London

  • 24-Hour Services 

  • Affordable and Effective Services 

  • Flexible services 

  • Full Range of Service

  • Customise Solutions 

  • Efficient in Handling Fragile and Bulky Goods

Small Removals

24-Hour Services for Small Moves London

Looking for reliable and efficient small moves in London? Look no further! Vans and Hands is your go-to partner for hassle-free and affordable light removals in London. 

We also provide man and van services in Kent and London if you are looking for a limited move at a reasonable price. Our team provides the best solutions for your small removals, so you can get the best solutions at affordable prices.

Moving home or office can be a stressful process whether you need to safely pack, load, unload, dismantle and assemble your belongings.


Vans and Hands is there to make you stress-free by effectively handling all the processes for your London moves. We assure you of a convenient, affordable, safe, and quick move. 

We have done a lot of small removals in London and always provide you with the best solutions to make an amazing moving experience. You can simply give us the job, and we will make sure that all your precious belongings are transported to your new place carefully.

Affordable and Effective Services for Small Moves London

We are always flexible with our services and offer small removal services at reasonable prices.

Whether you are looking to relocate a single piece of furniture or a small office, we will ensure that your relocation is affordable, quick and effective.

Our professional removal services will keep you stress-free during the entire moving process. 

Our team has performed many small removals in London and is experienced in overcoming all types of challenges.


We always ensure that your move is as per your expectation and within your budget. Trust us for reliable and effective small moves in London.

Small removal in London

Our Small Moves London for Stress-Free

  • If you are ready to book our light removal services, you can directly call us at 07930341264. They can assist you with the type of service that is the best suitable for your requirement and can also assist you with the prices.

  • If you are happy with the price, our team members can arrange a booking for your small removal at your convenient time.

  • You will receive all the details of the relocation services that you have booked; you can check the details.

  • Our expert and experienced removal team will arrive at your place as per the booking time. We will coordinate with you and check if you have any concerns and will resolve the same. We will make sure that all your expectations are met during the move.

  • We will safely transport all your belongings and can remove all the packaging material if needed. Before we move you can check if everything is done as per your expectations.

Small moves

Small Moves in London Customised for Individuals 

  • You can customise your service by choosing how many movers are needed, how many vans and which size of van is required. We work 7 days a week, so you can choose when you want to make your relocation at your convenience. We have moved every type and size of material. 

  • We have become experts in small removal in London as we have transported materials to every location in London. Contact us or fill out the online form if you are looking for effective and affordable solutions for your light moves in London.

  • We understand that every relocation has different challenges and needs a different approach to get the best result. We closely work with customers to understand their requirements and expectations. We always provide effective solutions that can overcome all the challenges and meet all the expectations of the customers.

Our Small Moves London at Your Service

There are different requirements for small moves. We frequently encounter the following needs for small moves in London.

  • Delicate Items that need to be handled with care.

  • Renters who need to move as required.

  • Students who move during starting or finishing University.

  • Bulky items that need effort while transporting.

We are always ready to provide you with the best services at affordable prices even if you need to move a single piece of furniture. We understand your need to relocate as per your requirement. We ensure that each move is convenient, quick, affordable, and on time.

Let Us Help You with Your Small Moves in London

Moving around London can be difficult. You can face a lot of challenges whether you are moving to the same area or the other part of the city. 

We have a lot of experience in handling a variety of removals in London. We understand your requirements, and you can expect reliable services for your light removals in London.

We are always prepared for all types of tasks and always prepare to overcome all types of challenges. Contact us if you are looking for reliable, affordable, quick and effective solutions for small moves in London.

Small Removal Services

Common Small Moves Example 

Small removals in London will be affordable for moving a few items. There are different reasons you might need a small removal service.


  • Student Removals

  • Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment Move

  • Single Item Removals 

  • Moving Somewhere Temporarily

FAQs for Small Moves

Should I Hire a Company for Small Removals in London?

You will get effective and affordable services when you hire a reliable moving company. They can plan the move in a better way and provide you with a reasonable option. They can make your move stress-free so that you can focus on other important things while moving. Contact us if you are looking for small removals in London. 

How Can I Book a Small Move in London?

To book a small removal London, you can simply call us if you're ready to reserve our light removal services. In addition to helping you with the rates, Vans and Hands can advise you on the services that are most suited to your needs.

What Is the Price of Hiring a Man and a Van?

We offer competitive prices for your home, office, or business move. Whether you want a fixed-price quote or opt for an hourly rate, we have what you need. You pay the original price with no hidden extra charges.

Do You Transport Furniture in Single Pieces?

Yes, as part of a light removal, we pick up and move beds, mattresses, couches, and wardrobes.

How Long Does Moving Take?

This depends on a lot of variables, including the distance from the stairs and door to the van if you're moving from an apartment building. It may also rely on how well the client has planned their move.

Do Small Removal London Disassemble Beds?

If you agree while scheduling your move, we can disassemble beds and various types of furniture.

Does Small Removal in London Have a Packing Service?

Yes, for safety, all items are individually wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and packed in a transport box upon request.


Do You Also Provide Packing Services?

We can also provide packing for the moving items. Our expert can well-packed your valuable and heavy items and move them safely.


What is Your Availability?

We are available during the whole week; you can book the appointment slots at your convenience. We are also serving during weekends and public holidays.

How Much Does Small Removal Cost in London?

It's difficult to say the exact amount for small removals in London because every move has different requirements. You can contact us and share your moving needs. We will share a quote based on the number of items, moving distance and other factors.


How to Save Moving While Moving?

Vans and Hands offer you affordable moving services. In addition, you can pack your material by yourself to save the packing services cost. If you are flexible about the moving dates, we can offer you service at a reduced cost.


Do I need to disassemble the furniture?

Yes, dissembling the furniture is the safest way to transport it. If needed, we can help you with disassembling the furniture.

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