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Man With a Van Services: Everything You Need to Know

Transport should be at the top of your list of priorities whether you are moving house, relocating to a different city, or have rubbish you need to remove. Making a choice about the type of service that is best for you can be challenging with so many options available.

Large, national moving companies, self-drive van rentals, and van moving services offer various service levels at various price points.

There are many reasons why you might need the help of a man and van, including moving to a new area of the city or ordering a wardrobe to be delivered right to your door. All situations, though, are unique, and you might not always require this but rather a detailed removal service. People who have not properly assessed their situation can misjudge and ask for the wrong service. Let's examine man with a van in more detail and how van moving services can help you decide what to choose when the time comes.

What is a Man with a Van Service?

Although there are many differences between the two, the service is frequently compared to a removal company service. A man and van's first distinguishing feature is that it consists of just one person—a single person—rather than an entire organisation like a removals company. Therefore, these small business owners manage their companies more easily than a corporation would.

The Man and a Van only own or have one car, which they use for all of their clients, in contrast to removal companies, which can have multiple trucks to accommodate the various needs of their clients.

There is also a significant difference in terms of money, as van removal services offer full packages with flat rates or charge rates per hour for their services, even though their costs are considerably lower than those of a big removal company.

The planning is something else to keep in mind. A contract is signed with the client, they are added to the database or system, a packing removal schedule is organised, and finally, the service is provided on the scheduled date. Instead, a Man and a Van service is simple to hire, doesn't require extensive advance planning, and makes everything easier to plan and execute.

This doesn’t mean they’re inexperienced people, actually, sometimes man and van have been working in that field for a long time, and they just decide one day to become independent and operate by themselves, but usually, they know a lot about packing, moving and everything related to household transport.

One of the greatest benefits of a man with a van in Kent is their availability, which is why people prefer to hire them since it makes it simpler for them to accept last-minute offers.

Generally speaking, you will need to give more advance notice to removal companies. A van removal service is frequently easier to locate than a removal company if you have an extremely urgent need.

As it was previously mentioned, some removals can be pretty simple and won't require a large company to move just a bed and a few chairs. This smaller, more specialised service is therefore ideal at that time.

A man with a van can move more quickly because they have more experience, and they will treat your belongings with the same care as if they were their own. So you don't need to worry about them damaging your furniture. This is another good reason for you to trust them.

If you're wondering what a man with a van in London can provide, we've got a list of everything for you below.

What Services Are Included in Man and Van?

As previously mentioned, the man with a van company provides a wide range of services associated with the handling and transportation of goods and households. Among the services man and van services, offer are:

Home Removal:

The primary service, or at least what most people use when they need to move to a new location, is effective house removal. Although not all of them provide the same services, this is generally what the majority of them do. If you request packing and unpacking services in advance, they may occasionally provide them. Man and van services might also provide cleaning, assembly, and disassembly of furniture, and in some cases, short-term storage.

Furniture Removal:

A man with a van can move a large piano from one room to another if you only need them to move the piano and don't need them to pack anything else. Van removal services are experts in mounting and dismounting large furniture, and they have the tools necessary.

Office Removal:

A man and van in Kent also handle the extensive list of small items you have in an office that you need to move to a different location. They are aware of how business functions and the value of completing tasks quickly and effectively to prevent time and resources from being wasted. They provide full and partial office removal services, but because of the complexity of the things to be moved, they can be a little more expensive than the house service. They can't charge all of their customers the same flat rate, but van moving services will adjust their rates to suit each individual need, so be sure to tell them everything you need the service to include in order to receive a customised quote.

Packing Supplies:

When you're moving, gathering all the necessary packing supplies can be quite exhausting. Most people don't have the time to deal with buying more things on top of having to organise everything, so people from Man and a Van can also provide packing supplies to make your things simpler.

Storage Facilities:

Storage is usually included in the removal service, so if you need to store some furniture or appliances for a short while or for a longer period of time, man with a van will pick them up and store them in their facilities, or at the very least, locations that they have rented out on a long-term basis as part of their operations. On the other hand, man and van services have a list of prohibited items, which include perishable goods, flammable and explosive materials, or hazardous materials.

Waste disposal:

Removals involve more than just moving from one location to another; you also need to carry your rubbish and unwanted items to places like household storage or donation centres. A man with a van can help with this task. Man and van will schedule their truck to transport those items to the appropriate location as long as you notify them in advance. Saving you time and relieving you of one more worry.

Delivering and Picking Up Items:

In addition to moving and other large operations, man and van are also able to carry out smaller tasks like picking up items from one location and delivering them to another. This service can be contracted with little notice, but it must be very clear and precise, including all pick-up and delivery locations as well as the sender and recipient's phone numbers.

Why Use a Man and Van Service?

We’ve covered a lot of different benefits of using the man and van services already, but there are some other reasons that you may wish to use their service outside the benefits you’ll get. We’ve collected some additional benefits below for you:

You can get better, more individualised service by talking one-on-one than you would from larger businesses. As a result, from the moment you get in touch with them, you'll experience outstanding customer service. All the information you give them and all of your questions will be carefully considered, and they'll respond to you as soon as possible.

You won't experience any additional surprises once the service is complete if you are aware of the price upfront. When you use their services, you can be sure that this won't happen, unlike larger companies that occasionally add fees and other costs at the end of the service. Being small- to medium-sized businesses enables them to offer discounted rates and no additional fees, at least without prior consultation.

This doesn't mean that one man and van will own more than one vehicle; rather, it just means that you can hire the one you feel best serves your needs. No one will make your decision for you, even though they may make suggestions about the best kind of car for you.

Payment methods are simple because they support debit and credit cards as well as online transactions, giving you a variety of options from which to choose. They will notify you in advance if any fees will be charged, so you can choose whether to switch your payment method.

You can call the driver directly on their mobile phone if you aren't travelling with him, and you want to give him special instructions or talk about anything else related to the service you hired.

How do you decide which one?

The answer is actually rather simple. What you're transporting will determine which of the two you should use. Therefore, before moving forward with hiring a removals service, you should consider the following two general factors:

How big of a vehicle you'll need for your move; how many people can you count on to finish the job quickly?

When moving a few personal belongings or if you're a student and need to transport your luggage to a friend's home or storage facility, a man and van service is best. Typically, that consists of one suitcase and possibly a few boxes.

If you're not moving your entire property, it's perfect for small moves and is regarded as a cost-effective alternative. You'll need a removal service if you're transporting numerous items, such as furniture and appliances, to and from your residential or commercial property.

The man and van service is not your best choice if you're transporting a piano or another heavy object that requires extra care during loading and unloading. You should choose a specialised service since you and your new friend with a van won't be able to load that item safely.

But these small differences frequently cause confusion. These two services are frequently viewed as competitors within the industry. Sometimes, customers choose the providers who offer a man and van service because it is less expensive and because they believe both services are the same, this can cause miscommunication. Both options are simple to book at Vans and Hands! Just give us a call and request a free quotation.

What Sets a Man and Van Apart from a Regular Moving Services?

When moving to their place of residence or workplace, people use both services. Man and van services, on the other hand, are designed for carrying out smaller-scale moves, typically inside the city limits. Fewer movers are needed to complete the job, and a van is needed instead of a lorry. For more complex removals involving the transport of pricey items, regular moving services are used because they provide better insurance coverage.

Man and van service providers only provide this particular service, which is an important distinction to make. Moving companies like Vans and Hands can handle both regular and man and van moves, depending on how big they are.

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